Friday, May 14, 2010

The blogosphere roundup on Big Bear and the ANC

Here is a compilation of the other viewpoints circulating out there on this issue:

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From Matt Yglesias @ Think Progress

Keeping Bloomingdale dry?

The Big Bear Cafe, one of the icons of Bloomingdale's community vibe, is now seeking a liquor license to serve alcohol as a restaurant establishment. This will be in concert with Big Bear's plans to keep longer hours and host various community gatherings and social mixers.

I missed the last ANC meeting where Big Bear was hoping to gain ANC support, which took place at St. George's Episcopal Church this past Tuesday, but you can find all the interesting details in this WCP piece.

While the final chapter has yet to be written and I remain hopeful that the ANC will ultimately see the importance of supporting Big Bear's ABRA request, it seems some commissioners were content to drag their feet earlier this week. Some hemmed and hawed about the slippery slope to crime and public drunkeness that would occur should Big Bear be allowed to serve a dreaded drop. What is always so ironic about ANC posturing on alcohol (not just in our ANC mind you) is that there is never any mention of the numerous establishments already selling alcohol and what the ANC commissioners are doing about the public nuisance that these establishments already represent in our communities. This tunnel vision and regressive thinking on the part of some commissioners who then seek to foist their myopic views on those in attendance only perpetuates the "plantation politics" thesis that I advanced back in December. Despite having 40 some odd persons stand up in support of Big Bear at this meeting (to the 4 in opposition), the ANC found it necessary to delay a decision on this matter...maybe, they need to go round up some more opposing voices or are hoping that the Big Bear supporters don't have the stomach to give up another Tuesday evening?

Keep in mind, the Big Bear's request was for the ANC's support of a stipulated license, which is essentially a provisional one provided that the ANC or any other entity or person doesn't lodge a complaint within a 45 day period. This means that the ANC could offer conditional support in the interim and entertain further complaints/comments to reiterate its support or revoke it and lodge a formal protest subsequently. Really no excuse for foot-dragging on this one...

Finally, make your voice heard on this > The ANC will now vote on this matter next Tuesday the 18th and Chairwoman Bonds has invited public comment

You can write to Ms. Anita Bonds at these email addresses: or

Please also write the commissioner for your neighborhood...if you don't know who represents your area, you can find that information below:


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