Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking our cues from that former Alaska Governor I see...

My response to Marc Ambinder's piece on Michelle Rhee's Departure:

She has a plan allright...while Marc's piece is pretty balanced, I am sick of this martyrdom of Michelle Rhee crap...Andrea Mitchell's interview of her during NBC's Education Nation series a few weeks ago was sickening enough to watch. Michelle Rhee has balls, she's done some tough stuff here and kick-started much needed change but she burned a lot of bridges along the way and she seemed to get some perverse thrill out of it. I agree, all the talk about whether she would leave or stay was serving as a distraction but she's the one who gave those stories the most traction with her comments and body language. The lapdog media ran with it and so it gave her a very timely excuse to duck out. I am sure she will parley this into some lucrative self-aggrandizing deal (oops, I thought it was all about the kids Michelle). Reminds me of another public figure who blamed the media circus around her self-created drama to quit and then ralley her own band of followers and accrue the money and status that goes with these days: Sarah, oh Mrs. Palin, please do take a bow!

No wonder Rahm called this F***nutsville, although I might say that label could apply to our country more generally. Is there substance to anything anymore or it all just money and fluff?

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