Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Heat is on...

Well, just into July now and I have been on sabbatical...not really, though I wish I was. Had some good job leads over the last month that took a lot of my attention and I have needed to focus on personal issues. Anyway, I am back...

Another reason for my lack of posting is the fact that I haven't been able to attend a lot of the recent community meetings and feel like I haven't been as up on the issues as of late. Checking out our Eckington list-serv just a moment ago...I have fresh fodder.

1) Apparently there was a shooting near the 100 blk of Todd Place late Thursday afternoon...that's pretty damn close to where I live. I am not sure on the full details but the ECA Meeting is coming up on Monday so I hope to learn more about what exactly occurred. Regardless, of the precise cause there has been a lot of "traffic" in the area lately and I am not talking vehicular. I just nod, smile, ask 'how's it going?' and move along but I am very perceptive and the vibe isn't necessarily the greatest.

2) My other message is to conserve power folks! I was reading about the miserable state of affairs for people in the southern half of Eckington and, from over at Frozen Tropics, I understand parts of H St. and Trinidad were also without power during this most recent spike in temps. I am sure PEPCO needs to do a much better job but, from the house I live in, I know we all could do better at keeping our AC set to reasonable temps and remembering to turn it down when you're going out, unless you have a pet or someone home-bound. Granted I am more heat tolerant than most but on my most recent days at home, while having the AC on, I do try to keep the lights off as much as is feasible and let in some natural light. Also, if you have a clothes line, dry your clothes outside in this blazing solar energy from above! Several of my neighbors have been doing that lately and I would join them, if I only had the line. If you really must use your dryer, do so in the evening when power demand is less. It's easy to blame the utility (and they have their issues) but we also have responsibilities too and need to do our part to help make sure our aging electrical grid can survive the extra burden when it's hot out.

Some more energy saving tips from our friends in California here.

In the meantime, stay cool!

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  1. Hello, I'm going to be moving to Eckington this coming weekend. How can I find out more about the community list-serve? Thanks!