Monday, July 12, 2010

Liquor License = F-bomb

Just came from the Eckington Civic Association meeting...

Thankfully, it was brief, especially since I screwed up the time and had to run up and down the street a few times, all under the watchful eyes of the neighborhood youths hanging out on the corner.

It seems like every community meeting I have been to (it's been awhile I know), whenever the word liquor license is dropped, someone might just as well have dropped the f-bomb or cursed someone's mother. Whenever those two words pass someone's lips here in DC, the tone of everyone changes and semi-confrontation is in the air.

Tonight, we found out that the firehouse on N. Capitol, a beautiful piece of architecture, is finally going to see life once more (some of us hope) as a restaurant and tapas lounge. The gentleman the developer has signed a lease with is from an immigrant background and has extensive experience with restaurant operations. Of course, once the white developer asked for support for their liquor license application, some people chose to get their dander up and make sure the developer fully understood that he needed to abide by a very strict process, at least with respect to gaining the support of the ANC. Of course, the ANC just released their draft guidelines this past week...they haven't even been formally adopted yet...but 'you better make sure everything is in order'. Oh and while we're at it, those of us who feel the need to show off our "authoritah" (think South Park) will ask you crazy questions like whether your property is actually zoned commercial and whether you're trying to sneak a 'Go-Go' club in under the radar on N. Capitol St. Seriously folks! I couldn't stay quiet on the Go-Go comment and noted that we could have a more positive view on the project but that went over like a lead balloon. The developer had the ultimate trump card in hand though, when he mentioned that there would be north of 100 jobs at stake in the project. Once the dog and pony show was over, we got around to approving an ECA meeting for the 2nd where the developer and lessor will make a formal presentation to the neighborhood folks gathered...and a subsequent vote to lend ECA support will follow on the 16th. You can be sure I will be at both meetings.

The ANC will be a whole different ball of wax and I am sure we'll run through the same liquor license 'respect my authoritah' charade again...ughhh...once again, wish some folks could liberate themselves from mental slavery (and I have some good reggae tracks I can cite to back me up on that point).

Before I new info on the shooting but will try to see what I can find out via the list-serve.


  1. Well it seems that all neighborhood meetings are the same! I wonder when people will wake up and realize that having new businesses in the neighborhood is better than empty, rundown buildings?

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